Location: EM room

Objective: Introduction and application of the new temporal GIS framework implemented in GRASS GIS version 7
General description: The temporal GRASS GIS framework has been developed to manage, process and analyse 
large scale, spatio-temporal environmental data. In this lecture the conception of this temporal framework will be
introduced as well as its application in a live demonstration by managing, analyzing and visualizing a
massive, spatio-temporal climate dataset of Europe. The following topics  will be covered in the live demonstration:

  • Spatio-temporal querying
  • Spatio-temporal aggregation
  • Temporal sampling
  • Spatio-temporal statistics
  • Space time voxel cube analysis and visualization
  • Spatio-temporal map calculation
  • Creation of time series animation

Required back-ground knowledge:  GRASS GIS version 7, time series analysis in R
Software / R packages required: none, presentation and live demonstration

Provisional programme:

9:00–10:00 Temporal GRASS GIS framework introduction

10:00–10:30 Coffee break 

10:30–12:30 Temporal GRASS GIS framework application: live demonstration of management,
spatio-temporal analysis and visualization of European climate data from 1950 - 2011 with daily resolution