Environment Monitoring : How It Relates to IT Infrastructure Monitoring

In addition to 24/7 cctv monitoring, IT engineers are collecting data to analyze and determine the soundness of the physical environment in which servers are located. Environment monitoring plays an important role in monitoring and detecting any changes in temperature, humidity, motion, presence of water or smoke in remote locations and data centers. Infrastructure environment monitoring therefore is all about keeping round-the-clock visuals and tracking  the ambience of remote infrastructure sites. The purpose of which is to immediately address or prevent any backend issues that could affect the availability and performance of IT functions and services.

Bird’s Eye View of How IT Environment Monitoring Works

IT Environment Monitoring is similar to how 24/7 residential and commercial monitoring services are performed. The difference however is that the focus of infrastructure monitoring is to keep an eye on the rise and fall of environmental elements like temperature and humidity. High tech environmental monitoring systems automatically set off alarms if such elements have progressively reached warning to critical levels.

The monitors also maintain external dry connections to water, smoke and vibration detectors or sensors. Such devices provide visibility to the ambient status of the environment.

A Glimpse at Home Security Monitoring Systems

Residential or business security monitoring systems are mainly concerned with the security and safety of people and property. The concerns of security monitoring systems are not as complicated as environment monitoring but they also happen. Yet oftentimes, the risks of endangering the safety of residents, or employees and customers are heightened.

Criminals usually carry out their dastardly acts at night when people are asleep or during holidays when no one is at home. Home or business monitoring systems work even while your asleep or on a vacation.

First off, the 24/7 home monitoring system is connected to a remote monitoring station manned by a team of security professionals. This team will access the home monitoring system, only with the permission of the home or business owners

Secondly, it’s important to ensure that the monitoring and security tasks are handled and maintained by trained security professionals. Bear in mind that it’s important for the remote monitoring station to be in constant and stable contact with the control room. That way, the appropriate steps can be taken immediately and without delay.

Moreover, the monitoring teams will get in touch or notify only the contact person or persons named by the home or business owner. The list of contacts also specify the actions that will be taken by each nominated person.

If the alarm is activated, the station security team immediately sends out security guards to check out and assess the disturbance and to secure the property.